Change the World in 6 Easy Ways

Doing random act of kindness every once in a while is nice, but making "kindness" part of your everyday routine is better if you want to change the world! Just like eating a healthy meal once per month isn't going to do much for your health, only being kind every once in a while isn't going to make as big of an impact as it could.

Making random acts of kindness a part of your regular routine is way easier than you might think, and once it becomes a habit, being a kind and awesome person is basically second nature! And the impact it will have on you, your loved ones, your community, and the world is beyond measure. 

Below are 6 easy ways to add random acts of kindness to your daily routine:

  1. When you're at a coffee shop or drive-through, pay for the person behind you. If you can afford a cup of coffee, paying for the person behind you only costs a few more dollars, and will bring a HUGE smile to their face. They'll be so excited that they'll tell everybody at work about what happened to them that morning! Speaking from experience here...this simple gesture goes a long way. 

  2. When you notice something positive about someone, say it out loud. Compliments are almost too easy. All it takes is a few words! If you're already thinking it anyways, simply sharing that nice comment can really brighten a person's day. Most importantly, make sure they're genuine, kind, and appropriate comments. Examples: "Great job on that report!" "I love your haircut!" "I noticed you've been coming in early each morning; way to put in the extra hours!" 

  3. When you happen to think of a specific friend or family member, send them a text. Showing loved ones you care is so important, especially if you don't get to see them very often. They'll be happy to know that you were just thinking of them for no particular reason, AND, you'll be surprised how often that text comes at a time when they really need it! Even a simple "Hey. hope your day is great!" is enough. 

  4. When your house gets cluttered, put items in your trunk to drop off at a nearby shelter or nonprofit (blankets, clothes, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc.). Community centers, homeless shelters, humane societies, other nonprofits...they're ALWAYS in need of supplies. Instead of throwing things away, put them in your trunk to drop them off when it's convenient for you. Odds are, your house's storage could use a little cleaning out anyways! 

  5. When you take a Lyft or Uber, leave them a kind note in the comment section when you rate the ride. 5 stars is easy, but comments are more rare and drivers really appreciate them. You can make them feel special by leaving a kind comment for them to read when they go home after driving. Bonus points if you give them a tip, too!

  6. When you find an article/meme/book that you like, send it to someone who would enjoy it as well. Tagging people in memes is such a fun and easy way to make them smile. Sending someone an article is a good way to show them you value their conversation. When you finish a book that you know a friend would love, keep it in your car to give to them the next time you see them. It's too easy to NOT do! 

These acts are easy and simple, and you might be wondering, "how could that possibly make a difference?" But that's the greatest part: your kindness will cause a ripple effect. Of all the people you will help through these acts, plus the people who see them in action, at least a few will be inspired to pay it forward, too. Then those people will be inspired, and so on and so on. Before you know it, people 3, 4, 5 degrees away from you will be positively impacted because of you! 

If you'd like to join our mission to make the world a better place, sign up for our monthly Random Packs of Kindness! As a Mission Member, you'll receive materials on a monthly basis to do random acts of kindness in your community. Learn more and sign up here.

By Caroline McKinney


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