The 2nd Annual "Kindness Crawl!" in Indy (April 2019)

EDIT: The Kindness Crawl was an ABSOLUTE BLAST! We're starting to plan one for the summer in Austin, Texas! We look forward to next year's 3rd annual bar crawl in Indianapolis and plan to host Kindness Crawls in other cities as well. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter (scroll to the bottom to sign up!) and follow us on Instagram to be the first to know when the Kindness Crawl is coming next to your city!


Last year was our first annual "Kindness Crawl," a bar crawl in Indianapolis where participants did random acts of kindness along the way. 

We are SO excited to be hosting the event again this year and hope you'll join us for this year's Kindness Crawl! 

kindness crawl


Last year was SO much fun and we had over 35 people join us. We started at The Tap where everyone was added to a group text and we wrote some notes to strangers that we hid at bars along the way. Throughout the crawl, everyone would get texts throughout it with random act of kindness challenges! One challenge, for example, was to say hello to every person we passed while walking from one bar to the next. Not going to lie, it was absolutely hilarious to see a massive crowd of people happily greeting every single person we saw on the sidewalk! Another challenge was to get the entire bar to sing "Happy Birthday" to one of our Kindness Crawl recipients, which actually her (and the rest of us) to tears!

The best part of the crawl wasn't just the fun we all had getting to know each other and enjoying Indianapolis bars. The best part was the fact that it got people out of their comfort zones to do something nice for no reason at all, to smile at someone they would normally just walk past, and ultimately get them in the habit of making the world a better place in small and simple ways.

We are SO excited to have this event again (back by popular demand!) and bring smiles to people in Indianapolis once again.

All ticket sales are dedicated to furthering our mission across the United States and making people smile all across the nation. 

So gather some friends and get ready for a FANTASTIC and REWARDING Saturday night!